20 Global Clean Energy Companies To Watch

Author: Boying Ji Aug 09, 2023 12:49 PM (GMT+8)

Major economies have increased their financial support for clean energy, and financial innovation has also boosted new energy investment and financing. At the same time, a large number of clean energy companies have appeared in public.


Important changes have taken place in the world's energy structure, and new trends in energy investment are taking shape. The development of renewable energy is the core of future energy investment, and electrification is a key factor to increase the end-use of clean energy. Major economies have increased their financial support for clean energy, and financial innovation has also boosted new energy investment and financing. At the same time, a large number of clean energy companies have appeared in public:

Vestas (Denmark) – A leading global manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines. Vestas has installed over 117 GW of wind capacity across 83 countries. It pioneered wind turbine installation in 1991 and maintains a strong global market presence with over 140,000 wind turbines installed worldwide. Vestas focuses on onshore and offshore wind turbines and has a diverse product portfolio covering most wind site conditions.

Siemens Gamesa (Germany/Spain) – Created in 2017 through a merger of Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa, it is one of the world’s largest wind turbine companies with over 110 GW installed. Its turbines operate in over 90 countries with a global offshore wind market share of over 80%. Siemens Gamesa is devoting extensive R&D to enhancing turbine efficiency, capacity, and offshore capabilities.

Ørsted (Denmark) – Formerly Dong Energy, Ørsted operates the world’s largest offshore wind farm (Hornsea 1) and has installed over 6.8 GW of offshore wind capacity. It has set ambitious targets to reach 15 GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2025 through continued investments in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Ørsted aims to be carbon neutral by 2025.

SolarCity (USA) – Founded in 2006 and acquired by Tesla in 2016, it is a major US residential solar installer. It has deployed over 1 GW of rooftop solar capacity and helped drive mainstream adoption of solar power in the US residential market. SolarCity handles everything from design to financing to installation of rooftop solar systems.

Sunrun (USA) – The largest dedicated residential solar, storage, and energy services company in the US with over 500,000 customers. It pioneered solar leasing models to make rooftop solar affordable through zero-down installations. Sunrun is a leading installer of rooftop solar panels and a provider of solar financing solutions across the US.

JinkoSolar (China) – Founded in 2006, it is a major global supplier of photovoltaic solar panels with distributors worldwide and 16 GW of solar modules shipped. It specializes in producing efficient solar cells, modules, and solutions and has manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia, as well as sales across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA.

Trina Solar (China) – Founded in 1997, it is a leading global PV module manufacturer headquartered in China with over 70 GW of modules shipped worldwide. It is actively expanding into downstream project development and has over 23 GW of connected solar power plants around the world.

LONGi Green Energy (China) – Founded in 2000, it is the fastest-growing solar panel producer in China with over 30 GW of monocrystalline silicon PV modules shipped. LONGi focuses on high-efficiency solar products and expanding global operations.

Hanergy (China) – Founded in 1994, Hanergy is a pioneering thin film solar technology company. It focuses on building-integrated PV through innovations in flexible solar panels, solar roof tiles, and solar-powered construction materials.

Goldwind (China) – Founded in 1998, Goldwind is China's largest wind turbine manufacturer, with over 37 GW of capacity installed globally. It is now expanding internationally with operations in 15 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

BYD (China) – Founded in 1995, BYD is a major Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, batteries, and other cleantech. It is the top EV seller in China and is rapidly expanding globally, offering a broad range of pure electric and hybrid vehicles.

LG Chem (South Korea) – Founded in 1947, LG Chem is a leading producer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It supplies batteries to top global automakers and has deployed over 30 GWh of battery storage capacity.

Samsung SDI (South Korea) – Founded in 1970, Samsung SDI is a global lithium-ion battery supplier for electric vehicles, notebooks, and power tools. It is investing heavily in next-gen battery tech and expanding EV battery production capacity.

Panasonic (Japan) – Founded in 1918, Panasonic is a major home battery and solar panel producer, known for its Tesla partnership. It aims to become the top supplier of EV and stationary storage batteries and photovoltaic modules.

Tesla (USA) – Founded in 2003, Tesla is a pioneer in premium electric vehicles, autonomous driving tech, and clean energy products. It accelerated EV adoption and aims to hasten the world's transition to sustainable energy.

Equinor (Norway) – Formerly Statoil, founded in 1972, Equinor is an energy company developing offshore wind farms and low-carbon solutions. It operates multiple offshore wind farms in Europe, including the world's first floating offshore wind farm.

Scatec (Norway) - Founded in 2008, Scatec is an integrated independent renewable power producer focused on solar, hydro, and battery storage solutions. It has over 3.5 GW of renewable energy capacity in operation and is under construction across four continents. The company has solar project experience from multiple geographies including Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Ukraine.

ACCIONA Energía (Spain) – Formed in 1997, ACCIONA Energía is a leading renewable energy generator with 10.7 GW of wind, solar, hydro, and biomass projects. It is expanding in onshore/offshore wind and solar PV globally.

Northland Power (Canada) – Founded in 1987, Northland Power is an independent power producer with 2.6 GW of renewables including wind, solar, and hydro. It is actively growing its offshore wind portfolio in Europe.

Enel (Italy) – Founded in 1962, Enel is a multinational utility company investing heavily in renewables. It currently operates over 46 GW of renewable capacity including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower.