Semiconductor Company Xinxiang Nets Hundreds of Millions in Series B

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Jun 08, 2023 01:18 PM (GMT+8)

Xinxiang(Chinese: 芯享科技), a semiconductor CIM solution provider, has completed several hundred million RMB series B financing.


Xinxiang was founded in 2018 and is China's leading semiconductor wafer FAB, semiconductor packaging and testing factory production automation total solution service provider, mainly serving semiconductor wafer manufacturing, semiconductor packaging and testing field of manufacturing enterprises. Xinxiang is currently the only domestic company that can provide total automation for 8-inch, and 12-inch wafer manufacturing FAB consulting and construction of the In the field of semiconductor packaging and testing, Xinxiang has broken the monopoly of international manufacturers in several technical directions and reached the world advanced level.

In its 300mm fab outlook, Semiconductor Industry International (SEMI) announced that global semiconductor manufacturers are expected to increase their 300mm fab capacity to a record high of 9.6 million wafers per month (wpm) by 2026.

At present, Xinxiang has wholly owned the intellectual property rights of the semiconductor CIM system and formed three main product lines: production automation system, production intelligence system and production automation equipment: production automation system, which helps semiconductor manufacturers to achieve full automation and quality control; production intelligence system, which allows manufacturers to improve production efficiency and optimize yield and cost based on automated production; production automation equipment, which allows manufacturers to improve production efficiency and optimize yield and cost. Xinxiang hopes to improve the analysis effect of semiconductor production data through big data, AI and other technologies to enhance the product competitiveness of customers' entire factories.

In addition, Xinxiang began to explore the semiconductor CIM to go abroad.

Xinxiang will promote the process of going abroad in Southeast Asia, said Mr. Shen Congcong, chairman of Xinxiang. Xinxiang hopes to land its products in more advanced semiconductor factories and further polish its products in the advanced customer environment and requirements, and the performance of some of Xinxiang's products can reach the equivalent level of foreign IBM and AMAT.

Up to now, Xinxiang has more than 400 employees, with technical staff accounting for more than 80%, and the core technical team with an average of more than 25 years of industry experience. Among them, there are dozens of top industry technical experts from Korea, China and Taiwan, etc. Chief Technical Officer Jinhao Zhang has participated in the development of the first, second and third generation automation systems of Samsung Semiconductor(Chinese: 三星半导体) and SK Hynix (Chinese: SK 海力士) in Korea, and led the entire set of automation solutions for Hynix's first 12-inch factory.

Xinxiang's financing round was led by LMF Venture Capital(Chinese: 朗玛峰创投), followed by Xin Ding Capital(Chinese: 新鼎资本) and Guangfa Qianhe(Chinese: 广发乾和), with further follow-on investment from existing shareholders. The funds will mainly be used to increase R&D investment and talent pipeline building, as well as new market development.