Semiconductor Company iSABers materials Completes Over $220 Million Series A++ Financing

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang May 27, 2023 12:59 AM (GMT+8)

iSABers materials (Chinese: 青禾晶元), a semiconductor materials bonding and integration technology company, announced that it has completed a Series A++ financing round totaling RMB 220 million.


The funds will be used to build a mass production line for bonded integrated substrates, expand production scale, mass produce multiple devices, and develop application scenarios.

Founded in July 2020, iSABers materials is a heterogeneous semiconductor integration technology and solution provider that can realize the intergenerational fusion of semiconductor materials and advanced packaging, effectively solving the pain points of low yield, high cost and limited performance of advanced semiconductor materials or devices. The company's products are mainly used in compound semiconductors, three-dimensional integration, advanced packaging, power module packaging and other fields.

For a long time, domestic semiconductor equipment and advanced materials are limited by overseas, taking SiC substrate as an example: In 2021, the global SiC conductive substrate market will be 49%, 17%, 15% and 9% by Wolfspeed, II-VI INCORPORATED, Si Crystal and SK Siltron, respectively; in 2022, the semi-insulated substrate market Wolfspeed, II-VI INCORPORATED, SICC (Chinese: 天岳先进) and SEMISIC (Chinese: 烁科晶体) together account for over 90% of the market share in 2022.

Up to now, iSABers materials has completed the development and mass production of various devices such as wafer bonding devices, Chiplet devices and power module bonding devices; and mass production of SiC, POI and other bonded integrated substrate materials. Based on the leading technology advantage and mature mass production capability, the company will promote China's semiconductor industry to achieve the stage from "technology introduction" to "independent research and production", and then "mass production". breakthrough.

In addition, iSABers materials Tianjin's new bonded integrated substrate mass production line will be announced on May 19, a planning capacity of 30,000 wafers/year, after total production is expected to single line sales of more than 100 million yuan. The opening of the mass production line marks iSABers materials advanced semiconductor bonding integrated substrate products have the basis for mass production.

Investors include Beijing Integrated Circuit Advanced Chip Equity Investment Center (Chinese: 北京集成电路尖端芯片基金), SunGrow (Chinese: 阳光电源), Beijing Futian Industrial Investment (Chinese: 智科产投), CCP Principle Asset Management (Chinese: 建信), Wofocapital (Chinese: 沃赋资本), ZhengWei Investment (Chinese: 正为资本). Prior to this round of financing, iSABers materials had also received investments from several other institutions with a cumulative amount of nearly RMB 600 million.