Taiwan's electric scooter brand Gogoro enters Philippine market

Technology Author: Xiaoguang Zhang Apr 25, 2023 11:24 AM (GMT+8)

The "fuel to electricity" policy in Southeast Asia countries is proceeding steadily. Taiwan's leading electric scooter brand Gogoro recently announced a partnership with two major Philippine groups, Goble and Ayala, to sell smart electric motorcycles and introduce its battery swap system to the Philippines. This is the first time that Taiwan's electric scooter industry has exported vehicles equipped with batteries to Southeast Asian countries.

Gogoro founder Luke Lu stated that this is an important milestone in promoting urban transportation transformation in the Philippines and providing riders with sustainable and efficient mobile solutions. It also allows Gogoro to play a critical role in global climate change. According to Taiwan's "Economic Daily News," Lu hopes to work with local companies in the Philippines to establish a sustainable transportation system while providing consumers with a more comfortable driving experience.

In addition, Taiwan's KYMCO Group also invested in Southeast Asia's largest electric shared mobility company Grab last year and partnered with them in Indonesia and Singapore in deploying over 16,000 electric scooters using the "system integration output" model.

Analyst said, the expansion into the Southeast Asian market faces strong competition from Japanese brands. Successfully entering the Philippines is an important milestone for Gogoro in expanding into Asian markets after succeeding in Chinese Mainland, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Israel. Gogoro will provide sustainable mobile solutions in the Philippine market, help alleviate the commuting burden caused by high oil prices, and fight against global climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

Currently, there are two battery swap systems in Taiwan, Gogoro and KYMCO's Ionex, plus Sanyang's upcoming system, which creates a three-party competitive landscape in Taiwan.