Cleaning Robotic Company SparKoz Nets More than 10 Million in Series A+

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 21, 2023 01:11 AM (GMT+8)

Equal Ocean has announced that SparKoz Technology Limited, founded in 2020, recently announced that it has raised tens of millions in Series A+ funding.


SparKoz is an intelligent cleaning solution provider that uses low-calculation, high-performance human brain simulation algorithms to open up the market for AI+ intelligent floor cleaning robots. The company's headquarters and R&D base is located in Shanghai, taking advantage of the talent highland to set up an R&D team, insisting on independent R&D of soft (intelligent algorithm, drive control, etc.) and hard (control platform, core sensors, etc.).

At this stage, SparKoz has launched two main products, TN70 (flagship version) and TN35/10 (small version), which can meet more than 90% of all kinds of floor cleaning scenarios by combining large and small twin machines. TN70 carries a 70L fresh water tank, with a cleaning efficiency of up to 2040㎡/h, and can meet 4-5 hours of continuous operation, and if equipped with an automated workstation, it can also If equipped with an automated workstation, it can also automatically change and recharge water to achieve 7*24 hours of continuous operation all year round.

Up to now, SparKoz has formed three major regional development layouts in Asia, Europe and North America, and established a trustworthy international image, becoming one of the representative enterprises of China's "intelligent manufacturing" to go abroad. Equal Ocean has learned that in 2022, SparKoz will set up its overseas headquarters in Yorba Linda, California, USA. Towne North America, to provide after-sales support, engineer training, equipment warranty and parts repair for overseas customers.

In addition, the company and the global cleaning giant "German Kahl" in the supply chain and product design for in-depth cooperation, so that the cleaning performance of its robot reaches the standard of high-end cleaning equipment, deep cleaning business scenarios, SparKoz cleaning robot body with a fully open tank design and quick-disassembly cleaning structure, compared to other robots maintenance is very simple, cleaning workers can also easily get started.

The intelligent cleaning field has attracted many companies to enter, and the representative companies in China include Tuya(Chinese: 涂鸦智能), iYunjie(Chinese: 云洁科技), Xunlang Smart(Chinese: 迅朗智能), Ruiwo Technology(Chinese: 瑞沃科技) and so on. Internationally, Japan's CYBERDYNE, Softbank Whiz, Germany's Avidbots, Krcher, Denmark's Nilfisk, etc. are quite strong.

SparKoz is co-invested by Vision Knight Capital (Chinese: 嘉御资本) and GoHigh Capital (Chinese: 高和资本), with Glacier Capital China (Chinese: 庚辛资本中国) as the exclusive financial advisor. In early 2022, SparKoz also received tens of millions of angel rounds and pre-A rounds led by Country Garden Ventures(Chinese: 碧桂园创投), WaveFront Ventures(Chinese: 创想未来) co-invested.