Security Service Provider AntiraTech Nets More than 10 Mn in Series A+

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 17, 2023 04:47 PM (GMT+8)

After this round of financing, AntiraTech (Chinese: 云科安信) will accelerate its progress in terms of products, teams, and channels to deepen its model of cooperation with operators while increasing the revenue share of industry customers and others on the cloud.

On the fifth anniversary of the implementation of the network security law, artificial intelligence security has become a new focus

According to reports, security company AntiraTech has recently closed a Series A+ round of funding at the tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by Landmark Venture Capital(Chinese: 朗玛峰创投), followed by Yotu Capital(Chinese: 耀途资本), with Cipher Capital(Chinese: 密码资本) again acting as the exclusive FA. this round of financing is mainly used for deepening the implementation of the product matrix, upgrading the core team and building the channel system.

Founded in October 2018, AntiraTech is a domestic security service provider integrating offensive and defensive capabilities. The company's founder and CEO, Jin Fei, worked at HIT for 10 years before joining the industry and was dedicated to defense security services. He said that the main business goal of AntiraTech is to provide professional real-world security services to a wider range of customers in a high-frequency, real-time manner, based on a multi-dimensional overlay perspective, and through a simple, lightweight delivery method.

According to the introduction, the next information mapping, as the main product line of AntiraTech, will aggregate different dimensions and boundaries of risk management and realize dynamic metrics. At the same time, AntiraTech will also work with partners to integrate governance solutions.

"We firmly believe that cognition is the measure of security and risk is the origin of the digital world, so we want to return the power of risk management to our customers." Jin Fei concluded.

Today, while deepening cooperation with a number of operators, AntiraTech has also established partnerships with state-owned clouds, industry clouds and group clouds. Jin Fei introduced, the company currently serves the customer "all-embracing", "kindergartens, secondary schools, hospitals, universities, government, large state central enterprises, manufacturing, banks, securities, hotels, law firms, museums ...... You can say that there are all types." Jin Fei said. He also said that the number of new customers is still increasing, which aligns with the company's goal of "wanting to serve a wider range of customers".

Overall, after the current round of financing, AntiraTech will accelerate its progress in terms of products, teams and channels, deepening its model of cooperation with operators while increasing the share of industry customers and other cloud-based revenues.

AntiraTech’s competitors include VulAI (Chinese: 华云安), LingLing (Chinese: 零信安) and Cubesec.(Chinese: 魔方安全).