Robotic Arms Solution Provider Dobot Launches Listing Consultation

Technology Author: Yongqian Yang Jan 31, 2023 12:54 PM (GMT+8)

Liu Peichao, a guy from Shandong, is leading Chinese robotic arms to the world.


On January 20, the official website of CICC Securities announced that Dobot (Chinese: 越疆科技) is accepting the initial public offering and listing filing consultation. It is expected to complete the listing consultation work process from April to May 2023.

Established on July 30, 2015, Dobot is a world leader in smart, collaborative robotics and the creator of desktop-grade robotic arms. Traditional industrial robotic arms are bulky and expensive, making it difficult to adapt to the needs of the desktop market. Dobot seizes this pain point, and targets the consumer market and light industrial market users, self-develops a lightweight, intelligent robotic arm integrating perception and interaction, and explores the wide application of robotic arms in various fields. So far, Dobot has more than ten products in seven series, and its collaborative robots and one-stop overall solutions have been widely used in manufacturing, medical, service, retail and other industries.

According to the information on the official website, since 2019, Dobot has ranked first in the export volume of robotic arms year after year, and its service network covers more than 140 countries and regions. Up to now, Dobot has shipped 68,000 units, gained over 1200 intellectual property rights, and established over 200 partnerships.

 According to CICC's announcement, founder and CEO Liu Peichao is the controlling shareholder of Dobot, holding 26.62% of the shares.

 According to Tianyancha (Chinses: 天眼查), Dobot has completed multiple financing rounds since its establishment. Investors include Shenzhen Capital Group (Chinses: 深创投), Qianhai Fund of Funds (Chinese: 前海母基金), Songhe Capital (Chinese: 松禾资本), China Internet Investment (Chinese: 中网投) and other well-known institutions.

 It is worth noting that there are reports that after completing the D round of financing on November 9, 2022, Dobot completed strategic financing again on December 23. It has conducted two financings in the past two months, but the financing amount has not been disclosed. Before accepting listing consultation and filing, Dobot completed five financing rounds within seven years.

 With the upgrading of industrial intelligence, the collaborative robot track has been continuously injected with capital. In addition to Dobot, manufacturers such as JAKA (Chinese: 节卡), SRT, AUBO (Chines: 遨博), Elite (Chinese: 艾利特), Flexiv (Chinese: 非夕科技), Agile (Chinese: 思灵) and ROKAE (Chinese珞石) have all completed large-scale financing exceeding CNY 100 million in recent years. Dobot also planned to hit the capital market one month after the JAKA signed the IPO consultation agreement. Can Liu Peichao, a boy from Shandong, get his IPO dream realized?