Beijing Autoroad 4D Radar Has been Nominated by Major Korean OEM

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Jan 06, 2023 03:57 PM (GMT+8)

Beijing Autoroad 4D Radar Has been Nominated by Major Korean OEM


CES(International Consumer Electronics Show), the world's largest and most anticipated international consumer electronics exhibition for high-tech enthusiasts, is now taking place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, with over 100,000 online registered audiences. For a long time, CES is recognized as the bellwether of advanced technologies. From the organizer’s announcement, more than 2,400 exhibitors including 480 Chinese exhibitors join in this year. VinFast, as the new fast growing NEV manufacturer in Vietnam, return to CES again with several premium electric vehicle models.

Autoroad, as the radar supplier of VinFast, have shipped hundred thousands of radars equipped on VF carline.

 And,with customer acceptance  and trust, Autoroad keeps accelerating its steps to expand overseas market.

Recently, the Autoroad 4D imaging radar ALRR300 has been nominated by a major Korean OEM to support its radar-only AEB system and meet the mandatory installation regulations enforced in SouthKorea from 2023. Mass-production is expected to start in the second quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, several Autoroad 4D radar customer projects are in business process.

Since 2021, both international and domestic radar suppliers announced advanced 4D radar products, which can provide  more detailed height information and denser point cloud. According to the analysis from Yole market research institute, 4D imaging radar is becoming the main growth driver of automotive millimeter wave radars. The global market of 4D raday is expected to reach more than 3.5 billion USD by 2027.

There are a few key questions to be addressed: How to commercialize 4D radar? How to integrate 4D radar into advanced Intelligent driving system? What is the final choice: pure visual solution or multi-sensor fusion solution? What is the synergistic relationship between radar, vision system and Lidar? Answers to those questions remain open.

Autoroad’s 4D imaging radar is now successfully nominated by international OEM. That is a great signal that Autoroad is one of the pioneers to commercialize 4D radar globally.

Superior Product Performance is Achieved by Breakthrough Technology

 Complying with the requirements of the AEB installation regulations enforced in many developed markets, and the growing technical challenges and requirements to sensors in the advanced intelligent driving system, Autoroad is launching the 4D -radar ALRR300.

 This product uses self-developed new technologies, including Sparse Array Antenna technology and Compressive Sensing super resolution algorithm (Autoroad and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly applied for a patent in 2021, and published an IEEE paper in 2022)*, Dual-Chip cascade scheme to achieve 48 transceiver/receiver channels. The algorithm breaks throuth the traditional limits of sampling theory and achieves ultra-high angular resolution which has never been achieved in the industry, especially with both horizontal and azimuth angle resolution, reaching below 1 degree.

Advantages (the highlights of the products)are listed as following:

1, Realized extreme high azimuth angle resolutionand accurate classification of typical objects such as bridges, light poles, ground obstacles, etc.;

2, Improved capability of horizontal angle resolution by 3-5 times comparing with traditional radar, to accurate  classification of vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians;

3. To output dense point cloud, which facilitates deep fusion with camera or Lidar;

4, Minimized size, low power consumption,  simplified installation and calibration.

 Years  Practical Experience in ADAS Enabling the New Project Development

 Accelerating New Project Relied on Years of Practical Experience with Radar Development.

Since established in 2014, Autoroad has focused on front-radar development to support AEB function. The first- and second-generation MRR radars developed by Autoroad have served clients to realize AEB function on commercial vehicles since 2019. Those fleet vehicles have been driven safely for more than 4 years, their mileages covering the different cities and high-way road conditions in China, accumulating more than 500 million kilometers safety driving journey, and greatly contributed to reducing and mitigating commercial vehicle accidents.

In 2020, the AEB system integrated into 2nd generation of Autoroad MRR was tested by a third party in Korea in accordance with the Euro-New Car Assessment Program (E-NCAP) and achieved excellent results. Meanwhile/moreover, it won “the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award” from institute of China Radar Association and was recognized for its overall technology performance reaching the international leading level.

Since 2021, Autoroad has exported MRR and SRR products to South Korea to support ADAS system on the passenger vehicles produced by Southeast Asia OEM. In order to achieve high standards in automobile industry, our radar products undergone rigorous testing and verification processes in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia. Finally,they passed the KC certification in South Korea, the MIC certification in Vietnam, and the ISO17387 standard test of ASEAN, and won customer satisfaction and acceptance.

Dr. Jie ZHAO, founder of Autoroad, is very confident about this cooperation, "4D radar represents a new technology of millimeter wave radar, which is becoming a competitive member in the automotive sensor family.  After years of accumulation,  in serving/providing AEB function to automotive customers, our 4D radar  embodies advantages both in the cutting-edge radar technology and large-scale industrial manufacturing capability. I truly believe that 4D radar will significantly raise expectations for ADAS and ADS developers about future of millimeter wave radar”.