CRO GX Pharma Nets Over CNY 100 Mn in Series B+

Healthcare Author: Lingxi Peng Editor: Mianmian Wang Dec 13, 2022 07:09 PM (GMT+8)

CRO company GX Pharma raised CNY 100 Mn in Series B+ only 1 year after its completion of a Series B financing round in 2021


GX Pharma (Chinese: 国信医药), a clinical research organization (CRO), announced that it had completed a CNY 100 million (USD 14.35 million ) Series B+ round of financing on 13 December, with investment led by its existing investor In Capital (Chinese: 约印医疗基金), and joined by Guangzhou Guoju Venture Capital (Chinese: 广州国聚创业投资), Shenzhen Qianhai Beizeng Asset Management (Chinese: 深圳前海贝增资产), Zhongguancun Bank Finance Center (Chinese: 中关村银行科技金融中心), and Richmont Venture Capital (Chinese: 睿泽投资) .

Proceeds will be used to improve internal control and corporate governance, improve the industrial deployment, expand business to gain more profits, build a large-scale operational and medical team that integrate with international standards, and strongly support the transformation of biomedicine. GX Pharma will also continually concentrate on the R&D of advanced innovative drug pipelines, which will enhance its competitive advantage in CGT.

Founded in 2008, GX Pharma is a CRO company engaged in medical and clinical research and development. The company focuses on innovative drugs and CGT since 2020. It has provided overall solutions for clinical research services and registration applications, enabling the customers to shorten the product listing cycle and promote the product marketization process. GX Pharma has also established an integrated platform providing services including CGT, ADC, oncolytic Virus, and Nucleic Acid drugs.

GX Pharma’s core management team consists of experienced medical and operations executives from famous medicine companies such as Novartis, Takeda, Parexel, PRA and INC, which enables GX Pharma to build a lasting innovation capability. Now GX Pharma has conducted in-depth cooperations with more than 1,200 Three-A hospitals, 900 clinical research institutions, and 300 pharmaceutical companies across the country, and has completed more than 500 clinical trials.

GX Pharama's competitors include Pharmaron (Chinese:康龙化成), Tigermed (Chinese:泰格医药) and Wuxi AppTec (Chinese:药明康德).