Commercial NEV Power System Provider Top Gear Received Strategic Investment

Automotive Author: Wenqing Zou Editor: Ziying Wu Nov 17, 2022 04:36 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, commercial NEV power system provider Top Gear received strategic round financing from HY Investment, a subsidiary of China's domestic listed energy enterprise HY Energy.


On November 16, commercial NEV power system supplier Top Gear (Chinese: 特百佳动力) received strategic investment from HY Investment (Chinese: 海越资管), a subsidiary of China's domestic listed energy enterprise HY Energy (Chinese: 海越能源). The fund will be used for power system product R&D, especially powertrains for heavy trucks.

Top Gear, founded in 2016, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on researching and producing commercial NEV power systems, including pure electric power systems, hydrogen fuel power systems and hybrid electric power systems.

It was the first domestic enterprise who developed the pure electric heavy truck power system with motor, electric control, transmission integrated together, gradually growing into a unicorn enterprise in the field of new energy commercial vehicle driving systems.

Notably, the company's pure electric power system ranks at the forefront of the industry. Heavy truck operators from more than 170 cities utilize its power systems, adapting to the harsh climate environment in all kinds of cold, high temperatures, high altitudes and other regions in China.

Nearly 20,000 new energy heavy trucks equipped with Top Gear's power system have been widely used in steel making, coal, port and other scenarios.

In the future, Top Gear will work with HY Energy to contribute to the development of the new energy heavy truck industry.