15 Chinese Companies to Watch in August 2022 — SaaS

Technology Author: Yanbing Gao Sep 05, 2022 09:42 AM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked the major funding rounds or industry events that took place in China’s tech space in August 2022. And the following is a list of deals that we have selected for you, based on a number of criteria including the funding amount, the financial backers, and the segments in which the startups operate.


Dianxiaomi (Chinese: 店小秘), a global e-commerce SaaS platform, announced that it raised USD 110 million (CNY 759.67 million) in Series D on August 16, led by SoftBank Vision Fund II (Chinese: 软银愿景基金2期) and Sequoia China(Chinese: 红杉中国). Founded in 2014, Dianxiaomi is a SaaS platform that provides one-stop services for global e-commerce sellers. It has rolled out diversified ERP solutions, such as the free cross-border e-commerce ERP 'Dianxiaomi', 'SellFox' for Amazon sellers, 'BigSeller' for local sellers in Southeast Asia and 'UpSeller' for local sellers in Latin America, as well as global logistics search platform '17TRACK' and global e-commerce intelligent customer service system 'Duoke'.

STAR & SEA Group(Chinese:辰海集团), a compliance service platform, raised tens of millions of USD in Series C1 on August 22, led by eWTP Arabia Capital (Chinese: 易达资本), with participation from Oriental Fortune Capital (Chinese: 东方富海), GSR United Capital (Chinese:金沙江联合资本). Established in 2015, STAR & SEA Group is a global one-stop offshore compliance service platform. It created a comprehensive service system of SaaS and provides a full range of compliance options for companies going abroad. It provides businesses with intellectual property services, tax services, product compliance certification services, overseas business services, tax compliance services, etc.

Newbanker(Chinese:牛投邦科技), a digital wealth management solution provider, announced the closing of a Series C round worth tens of millions of CNY from CICC Capital on August 24. As the first digital service provider in China to explore the TAMP model, NewBanker, founded in 2016, focuses on providing business architecture and technology solutions for players in China's wealth management industry. It is a one-stop wealth management technology service provider serving wealth management institutions and financial advisors and providing technical and business support for financial institutions and national wealth management institutions.


Lazbao(Chinese:来赞宝), a provider of e-commerce services for Southeast Asia online shopping businesses, completed a Series B funding round worth tens of millions of USD on August 17, led by Fosun RZ Capital. Taihe Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to this round of financing. Founded in 2019, the company integrates an omnichannel operation marketing plan and provides one-stop services such as data analysis, operation strategy, operation promotion, logistics, localization, goods selection, store design and professional customer service, helping its clients solve the difficulties of product positioning, packaging, design, marketing strategy and brand building.

Carbonstop(Chinese:碳阻迹), China's first carbon management software and consulting services provider, announced the closing of a Series B funding round of CNY 100 million (USD 14.49 million) on August 1, led by Sequoia China, with existing investors GL Ventures and Matrix Partners continuing to pour money in. Founded in 2011, Carbonstop helps enterprises calculate, analyze, manage and report carbon emissions. Carbonstop's business mainly focuses on China, while the products/services also apply to overseas enterprises. Besides its main business of carbon management consulting and training services, it can provide scientific and accurate carbon emissions accounting services to reduce carbon emissions.

EasyYa(Chinese:易芽), a cross-border virtual factory intelligence platform, announced on August 1 that it has completed a Series B financing round worth hundreds of millions of CNY. Founded in 2019, EasyYa focuses on supply chain integration and technological innovation and realizes improvements in supply chain efficiency driven by data. Its SaaS system of EasyYa Selection is for cross-border sellers and has studied the sales data and consumer review data of mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms. It can gather consumption and comment data of overseas buyers, helping develop customized products that are more suitable for overseas needs after connecting with factories. 

Jigongjia(Chinese:吉工家), a comprehensive service platform for construction services, announced on August 29 the closing of a Series B+ funding round worth hundreds of millions of CNY. The company's platform provides systematic project and labor management solutions, and promotes multi-level cooperation and communication, enabling efficient management of construction projects. Based on big data and intelligent analysis, the company has built a blue-collar service platform to match employers and workers precisely and efficiently, providing millions of migrant workers with functions including recruiting and keeping records of work and solving the problem of talent supply in the construction industry.

Jijia (Chinese: 积加ERP), a Chinese e-commerce SaaS platform, completed the Series A+ round of financing on August 29, bagging CNY 132 million(USD 19.11 million) from Fosun RZ Capital and Worldwide Logistics Group. This round was over followed by eGarden Ventures, Seas Capital and Yunqi VC, with existing investors like Z Capital and Lighthouse Capital continuing to pour money in. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Jijia ERP specializes in providing cross-border research analytics and development tools to cross-border sellers. It aims to build a full closed-loop cross-border e-commerce ecosystem with partners, and fully empower cross-border sellers.

JINGdigital (Chinese: 径硕科技), a marketing CRM company, closed its Series A+ funding round with CNY 50 million (USD 7.467 million) on August 26, led by Linear Capital (Chinese: 线性资本), with participation from Infatih Group (Chinese: 信公股份). Founded in 2014, JINGdigital specializes in the MarTech field and empower brands to turn fans into customers by providing standardized SaaS product. It provides digital transformation support and focuses on B2B industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, machinery, healthcare, semiconductor and professional service agency.

Kehutong(Chinese:客户通), an SCRM vendor for property service companies, completed a Series A financing round worth tens of millions of CNY on August 26. This funding round was led by Minyuanyun, a digital service provider for the real estate industry. Established in 2018, Kehutong has developed a digital system that allows property service companies to provide resident-centered services, enabling users to improve management efficiency. Its business includes enterprise WeChat industry solution output, system deployment, custom development and system integration.

iPath (Chinese:途径信息), a service platform for enterprise aggregation travel, announced the closing of a Series A funding round for an undisclosed amount on August 3, invested by Realharmony Capital. Founded in 2015, iPath has been focusing on the field of enterprise services. Its core product, Yi Qi Chu Xing, is the earliest enterprise aggregation travel service platform in China. It has been committed to helping enterprises build an intelligent, simple, compliant and digital aggregation travel service platform, providing enterprises with multi-scene travel service solutions. At present, Yi Qi Chu Xing has aggregated hundreds of mainstream domestic online car platforms.

Wangong Qifu (Chinese:万弓企服), a provider and developer of information management platform designed for corporates, announced the closing of a Series Pre-A funding round worth CNY 10 million(USD 1.4 million) on August 26, led by Qianhai Zhiyingda Investment and Zhongchuang Zhitou Inc. The company, established in 2021, focuses on building a digital management SaaS platform for small, medium and micro enterprises, providing a one-stop digital management solution to enable SMEs to improve efficiency and reduce costs during information management. Its products mainly cover management modules and tools such as Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Process Management (BPM), Project Management (PM) and Objective Management (OKR).

ZQINFOR (Chinese:喆企科技), a provider of SaaS-driven construction project management software, announced that it has received USD 3 million (CNY 20.7 million) in an Angle round of funding led by Glodon Company Limited on August 24. GSR Ventures Advisors and LLC also participated in this round. Founded in 2015, the company provides a comprehensive project management platform (Dougongyun) that monitors geographical distribution, multi-level organization, and difficult operations on multi-model projects, enabling smart construction and lean project tracking for the engineering industry.  

Hotpay(Chinese:火薪云计算科技), a technology-driven HR technology company, closed an Angle funding round worth CNY 42.8 million(USD  6.2 million) on August 8, led by JUE Capital. Founded in 2016, the company provides HCM SaaS + PEO + IT services to medium and small enterprises. It focuses on "employment and settlement automation", including the specific basic HR aspects such as onboarding, records management, leaves management, performance management, payroll calculation, payroll tax reporting and benefits management. Hotpay launched a new generation HROSaaS and service sharing platform (Huoxing HRO) for staffing companies to help global HROs upgrade their digitalization last March.

Zuixinhr (Chinese:最薪招聘), an HRS integrated service platform for human resource sharing, announced the closing of an Angle financing round worth CNY 5 million (USD 724.5 thousand) on August 10. This round of financing will be mainly used for technology development and marketing promotion, focusing on AI-RPO artificial intelligence robot upgrade, and accelerating the "most paid recruitment" platform multi-port development, all-scene layout and all-region coverage. Based on the Internet's cutting-edge AI artificial intelligence and big data technology, the company provides recruitment services, RPO delivery, HRS shared employment and staffing SaaS system services.