Screening Start-up Nvwa Life Technology Raises Tens of Mns of CNY in pre-Series A

Healthcare, Financials Author: Mianmian Wang Jul 12, 2022 07:06 PM (GMT+8)

Nvwa life technology, a firm focusing on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), will continue to develop its artificial intelligence (AI)-aided epigenetic disease screening technology with the fresh proceeds.

Assisted reproduction

Nvwa Life Technology (Chinese: 女娲生命) today announced its completion of a pre-Series A financing round worth tens of millions of CNY closed in April.

This round was co-invested by Canton Venture Capital (Chinese: 科金控股), Zheyue Venture Capital (Chinese: 浙粤投资), Guoju Venture Capital (Chinese: 国聚创投), Ze Run Equity Investment (Chinese: 泽润资本) and Leimerious Venture Capital (Chinese: 磊梅瑞斯).

The DNA methylation map-based Pre-Implantation Methylation Screening (PIMS) technology, developed through Nvwa Life’s proprietary platform, can detect both the variation of embryo chromosome copy numbers and the level of DNA methylation. At the same time, through the incorporation of AI algorithms, PIMS is also able to process embryo selection, thereby assiting doctors in guaranteeing a better fertility rate. 

PIMS has been proved to increase the live birth rate of the first single embryo transplant from 30% to 75%, in the process of methylation screening before embryo implantation. It can also be used to screen the whole genome epigenetic diseases, especially the imprinted gene diseases based on Nvwa life's strong database of methylation information.

Nvwa Life’s competitors include Jinxin Fertility (Chinese: 锦欣生殖),Incinta Medical Group (Chinese: 运世达医疗集团) and Bocheng Medical (Chinese: 博成医疗).