IoT Tech Firm Jeejio Raises CNY 300 Mn from Pre-Series A Round

Technology Author: Siyuan Yao May 11, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+8)

As a technological reformer of intelligent IoT platforms, Jeejio is important in the next-generation information field under the layout by the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chinese IoT technology provider Jeejio (Chinese: 中科物栖) has closed a Pre-Series A financing round worth nearly CNY 300 million (USD 44.64 million), the company announced on May 10.

The investors in this round include Nanjing Chilin, Institute of Advanced Technology, ZKTuring, among other institutions.

The proceeds will be mainly used to help the firm develop core technology, exploit innovative application scenarios and expand business.

Zhang Lei, founder of Jeejio, said that computers evolved from PCs into handsets, leading to smaller size, lower cost and stronger capability. He believed that ultra-micro computers would replicate the development trend of traditional computers.

Zhang noted that the IoT market has great potential. Tens of billions of devices can be linked, giving rise to an industry worth trillions of CNY, he said.

Ai Yang, partner at the Institute of Advanced Technology, said that core technologies tailored to general consumption application scenarios will definitely breed world-class companies.

Jeejio aims to tap the market of innovative IoT chips and operating systems to connect man, machine and material. “It serves China’s huge manufacturing industry and meets the massive demand for consumption upgrade,” said Ai. “It has an extremely high technical barrier and market ceiling.”

Jeejio (Beijing) Limited, founded in 2018, is engaged in the field of AI and IoT. The startup is currently owning core technological products, such as world-leading RISC-V chips, a distributed intelligent operating system and ultra-micro computers.