Xiaomi Leads CNY 250 Mn Funding in Big Data AI Smart App Provider DataStory

Technology Author: 王旭琛 Sep 16, 2021 02:15 PM (GMT+8)

The company revealed that the raised proceeds will be utilized in the upgrade of PaaS eco-system, the update of application products as well as a business expansion.


The round, which has added to the CNY 150 million raised before, was jointly led by Shunwei Capital and Xiaomi group.

Since May 2020, the firm has successfully completed three rounds, including round B+, round C and round C+, with a total financing amount of more than CNY 400 million yuan.  

According to official information, DataStory is positioned as a one-stop provider of big data and AI intelligent applications and is mainly committed to building a new generation of intelligent business engines with big data and cognitive AI. It helps enterprises realize the deep integration of data value and business by building a full value chain solution from data acquisition, processing, analysis, modeling to commercial application.

In terms of products, DataStroy relies on four product platforms: digital radar, digital vision, digital lead and digital aggregation to cover diversified business scenarios, help customers solve business problems and build a data closed loop.

In the commercial field, the ecosystem of storytelling has expanded from automobile, real estate, retail, government and enterprises to upstream and downstream businesses such as business consulting and advertising marketing and has reached channel cooperation with giants such as Tencent and Alibaba.  

With the release of China's 14th five-year plan and the outline of long-term objectives for 2035, the prelude to China's innovative development in the five years is slowly opening. The 14th five-year plan proposes to accelerate the construction of the digital economy, digital society and digital government. In 2020, the added value of core industries of the digital economy accounted for 7.8% of GDP and it is expected to increase to 10% in 2025. In this context, the enterprise digital transformation track is favored by investors.