AI Chip Developer Iluvatar CoreX Nabs a CNY 1.2 Billion Series C Financing

Technology Author: Fuller Wang Mar 01, 2021 05:59 PM (GMT+8)

With the rapid development of 5G applications and new infrastructure, the demand for massive computing is constantly increasing.

China Chips

Iluvatar CoreX announced on March 1 that it has raised CNY 1.2 billion in a Series C jointly led by Cedarlake Capital and Centurium Capital and followed by Guangzhou Yue Min Investment. According to the company, the funding will be used to support its research and to accelerate the commercialization of products.

China's first provider of high-end GPGPU chips and high-performance computing systems, Iluvatar CoreX aims at the 7nm Cloud GP-GPU solutions and adheres to independent research. As the flagship 7nm GP-GPU Cloud computing chip of the company, Bi was streamed in May 2020, returned in November 2020, and successfully launched in December the same year. Compared with the existing mainstream products in the market, Bi chip can provide flexible programming ability, stronger performance and better cost-performance ratio. At present, the company has been applied to eight industries, including finance, education, medical treatment and intelligent transportation.

With the trend of the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises, the improvement of computing power has become a new growth point of economic development. Iluvatar CoreX said that the company's mission is to become the promoter of the intelligent society, focusing on solving the computing power problem from the chip end. In the future, it will accelerate the commercialization of products, enabling more industries and customers.