China's AI Giant SenseTime Launches 11 New AI Products At Summit

Technology Author: Yang Shang May 15, 2019 07:45 PM (GMT+8)

SenseTime, one of China's AI giants, held the second Artificial Intelligence Summit, where SenseTime launched 11 new AI products for various fields, including smart city, healthcare, retail, education and AR.

SenseTime AI Summit. Photo: Credit to SenseTime.

SenseTime held the Second Artificial Intelligence Summit on May 15 and launched and displayed series of AI products and solutions for various fields, including smart city, smart healthcare, smart retail, AI education and augmented reality (AR).

In total, SenseTime launched 11 new AI products at this summit. Let's take a look at what they are.

Smart city integrated solutions

SenseTime launched four products in the category of smart city integrated solutions: SenseFoundry 2.0, SenseNebula, Sense Pass and SenseStudio.

SenseFoundry 2.0 is a computer vision analysis cloud platform for city security management. The first generation, SenseFoundry 1.0, was debuted last year, which is capable of processing more than 100,000 way of signals at time. And it can analyze over 100 billion unstructured and structured features. Combined with deep learning, SenseFoundry 1.0 has multiple functions like, among others, face recognition, vehicle recognition, passenger recognition, crowd analysis and events detection.

Compared with the first generation, SenseFoundry 2.0 boasts upgrades including high precision algorithm set, algorithm models for various application scenarios and multi-dimensional analysis engine. Among them, high precision algorithm set consists of several new algorithms, such as advanced face and human body recognition algorithm, enhanced structuring algorithm and remote sensing analysis algorithm.

SenseNebula is a smart device, which is designed to realize edge computing function. It can be connected with many kinds of front-end devices when needed, like camera, capture machine, access control device, visitor register machine and so on. Every interface on SenseNebula has access to different algorithm models for different application scenarios.

SensePass is a front-end product used to enable human body recognition with an error rate of only one in 10,000. It supports 20,000 human body offline databases, which means it can be equipped without installing complicated background system. Besides, it’s only 15mm thick and stands in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Sense Studio is an open platform that contains multiple AI applications, supporting transportation, finance, school, hotel and scenic spot. Users can choose the applications they need and use them to upgrade their business without much obstacles.

SenseTime has provided its smart city solutions to almost 100 cities from 31 provinces in China, in which SenseTime has deployed a fleet of over 100,000 smart cameras. In one city of Eastern China, SenseTime builds the biggest smart city system globally with 20,000 smart cameras and 2,000 GPU servers.

AI education solutions

In the field of education, SenseTime introduced its AI textbooks for high school students. This is a product of joint efforts by teachers, experts from SenseTime, the Commercial Press, East China Normal University Press and three other educational institutions. In addition, SenseTime plans to design a series of AI textbooks for middle school this year.

Based on deep learning platform “SenseParrots”, SenseTime launched AI education experimental platform “SenseStudy”. SenseStudy offers over 200 hours of AI and coding courses. Students can do some practice and experience on face recognition, gesture recognition, augmented reality and many other technologies.

SenseTime also launched two robot products for AI education: SenseRover Mini and SenseRover Pro. SenseRover Mini is a car programmed to coordinate with AI courses and it is mainly used by freshman and sophomore students. Sense Rover Pro is a self-driving car, with automatic cruising, lane detection and many other functions. Users can type codes on the SenseStudy to realize motor control and conduct some experiments on the sensors.

In addition, SenseTime organizes teacher trainings, AI speeches and summer camps, as well as some seminars, in order to cultivate more qualified teachers and talents proficient in AI. At the summit, SenseTime announced a plan to set up an AI education laboratory with Nanjing Normal University, and they will jointly develop advanced AI education methods.

Smart healthcare solutions

Instead of developing AI-assisted imaging diagnosis system, SenseTime debuted SenseCare, a smart diagnosis and treatment platform, which can serve the needs of hospital and process most types of data.

SenseCare has capability of high concurrency of 3D rendering and clinical application. It can show data to patients or users through a  visualized interface. At the same time, all the data are stored in hospital’s servers to ensure the data security.

This product has been adopted in a hospital in Shanghai, specifically, in the oncology department, to help doctors diagnose cancers.

Smart retail solutions

Also unveiled at the summit is SenseGO, a smart retail platform. Combined with smart camera, SenseGO can collect and analyze customer behaviors offline. SenseTime also developed shopping windows with some intelligent functions to attract customers’ attention.

SenseGO has been adopted in a supermarket of 200,000 square meters, and it can serve up to 50,000 customers at one time.

AR solutions

SenseTime upgraded its AR solutions with new function and business cooperation. SenseAR, the function of effects for videos, live broadcast and images. SenseAR can recognize and identify people’s faces, hands and other parts of body. Based on image recognition, SenseAR can provide effect solutions.

Besides, SenseTime announced that it will partner with AR glass manufacturers to jointly develop AR glasses . SenseTime also revealed that it wound cooperate with Qualcomm in making chips and 5G SDM8150.

XU Li (徐立), CEO of SenseTime, said at the summit that

The mission of SenseTime is to apply AI to every part of people's life and cut production costs. SenseTime will develop more AI products and supply them  to more industries.