Tongdun Technology Published Its Background Check Product Zhixincha

Technology Author: Shiyu Tang Jan 13, 2019 11:19 PM (GMT+8)

Tongdun Technology published its online real-time background check product Zhixincha. Zhixincha is different with other background check methods as it is based on Tongdun Technology’s artificial intelligence, big data and cloud technology.

A person that is checking the list. PHOTO: rawpixel on Unsplash

According to, Tongdun Technology(同盾科技) published its online real-time background check product Zhixincha (职信查), and this is the first time Tongdun Technology marches to the background check industry. Zhixincha is different with other background check methods, the most important reason is the related technology Tongdun provides: the artificial intelligence, big data and cloud technology.

With the fast development of Internet industry in China, many companies in varies industries have adopted Internet Thinking related models. This shows the trend that many companies start to analyze their business model and leverage it to the internet. Having the background to analyze the data required by its clients in several dimensions and detect the potential risks, Tongdun Technology has developed its well trained artificial intelligence. This time, Tongdun Technology published Zhixincha, which shows the company starts the commercial innovation in background check industry with its advanced technology.

With more than 1.3 billion population, it is obvious that China has a large labor market.  The world bank has announced that the labor force in China is around 786 million in 2017. We can infer that the background check industry in China is quite big as many companies choose to investigate on the candidates during the recruitment process to reduce the competence risk, law risk and cost risk.

There are mainly three methods to do background check in China: The HR team of the recruiting company; the headhunting company; third party background check company. Many small and medium companies choose to do the background check by themselves. These might reveal the risks that the background check is not complete and professional, and the background check may involve some subjective judging that could affect the validity of background check.

As the competition of headhunting companies is very fierce in China, the headhunting company always provides free background check to the recruiting company. However, as the headhunting company can receive the agency fee if the candidate are being accepted, the background check the headhunting company provides could have a high possibility to cover up the flaws of the candidates.

For third party background check company, they usually provide the most fair and objective background check report in several dimensions: the basic information, the individual credit, the academic certification, the premier information like the health and family, and previous work experience. However, the background check could cost more than USD 150 for one candidate. The price is quite high in China.

The background check in China is either not that objective or too expensive, Tongdun Technology find the chance. Zhixincha provides the traditional multi-dimension background check report through artificial intelligence platform, additionally, Zhixincha covers the data from the court and vehicle administration office which could identify the high-risk person. Also, with Tongdun Technology’s deep rooted data in financial industry, Zhixincha can provide the credit of the candidate in the financial field. Supported with the well-trained artificial intelligence technology, Zhixincha can provide a multi-dimensional information that describes the candidate with a reasonable price.

Tongdun Technology has already developed its well-trained artificial intelligence, and Tongdun Deputes Its AI Learning Platform Tianji that its open to enterprises in November 2018. Also,with the leading risk detection ability, Tongdun Technology Achieve The Win-WIn Cooperation With China UnionPay. The success and accumulated technology in previous field can lead Tongdun's latest product Zhixintong to a new high in background check industry.