Xuhai Opto-Electronic Raises Tens of Mns of CNY from Series A Funding Round

Technology Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Boying Ji Sep 23, 2022 06:18 PM (GMT+8)

Xuhai Opto-Electronic is a high-tech enterprise specializing in laser sensing and spectrum analysis. It completed a Series A funding round worth tens of millions of CNY On September 22nd, led by Tongke Shenghua Equity and Xuzhou Sci-Tech Venture Capital.

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The global sensor industry was valued at USD 166.69 billion in 2019 due to various beneficial government policies and is projected to reach USD 345.78 billion by 2028. 

Xuhai Opto-Electronic, a fast-growing Chinese sensor manufacturing company,  completed a Series A funding round worth tens of millions of CNY On September 22nd. Shangdong Tongke Shenghua Equity Investment Management Co Ltd (Chinese: 同科晟华基金) led the Series A round with participation from Xuzhou Sci-Tech Venture Capital (Chinese: 徐州市科创创业投资基金). Xuhai Opto-Electronic will use the capital to secure investment opportunities for its product development, continue to scale its business, and add to its team.

Previously, Xuhai Opto-Electronic had received equity investments from WestSummit Captial (Chinese: 华山投资), Capital Fortune Asset Management Limited (Chinese: 京福资产管理有限公司), Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation (Chinese:汉威科技) and serval other institutions.

Led by CEO Chen liang and CTO Chen Bo, Xuhai Opto-electronic is the only company in China that can provide comprehensive device-in-set solutions for customers based on optical spectrum analysis technology such as gas laser optical gas cell series, and photodiode series. Xuhai’s products have been widely used in industries like life security, environmental protection, and industrial online process control, providing high-quality, stable, and reliable optoelectronic devices and modules for detecting flammable, explosive, and poisonous gas. Besides the gas detection area, Xuhai is also trying to expand its business by providing customers with device & module solutions for element analysis of both liquid and solid materials.

Wang Dexin, the Chairman of Tongke Shenghua Equity, said he was very optimistic about the future development of Xuhai Opto-electronic, as the company possessed the core technology of spectral gas detection and several other patents and always maintained strict production processes.

Xuhai’s competitors include KEYENCE CORPORATION, Micro-Epsilon, IFM Electronic, Rockwell Automation, Panasonic Corporation, OMRON Corporation, SmartRay GmbH, Schmitt Industries, and Banner Engineering Corp.