Chinese E-commerce Platform Pinduoduo Launches Program for Chinese Firms Going Abroad

Consumer Staples Author: Yiran Xing Sep 20, 2022 02:15 PM (GMT+8)

Chinese companies are accelerating the pace of going abroad


Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo (Chinese:拼多多) announced the launch of the "2022 Overseas Support Program." The plan aims to provide integrated services for Chinese manufacturing firms going abroad. It is understood that the program will invest tens of billions of CNY to build 100 Chinese brands going abroad and support 10,000 Chinese manufacturing companies to connect directly to the global market.

The program has five main measures:

First, Pinduoduo will adopt a long-term preferential policy of zero deposit to the platform and zero commission for Chinese companies.

Second, Pinduoduo will join 100 industrial belts to build 100 overseas brands and support 10,000 manufacturing firms to connect directly to the global market.

Third, Pinduoduo will provide a full range of infrastructure services for merchants, including domestic and international warehousing, cross-border logistics and after-sales services.

Fourth, Pinduoduo will launch integrated services, including language and culture, product standards, intellectual property services, legal aid, trade arbitration, etc., aiming to protect Chinese companies' legitimate rights and interests.

Finally, Pinduoduo will launch customized training courses for different types of products to help Chinese companies quickly explore new markets overseas.

The project manager stated that Chinese companies have been facing the challenge of being unable to directly access overseas end-user demand in the process of going abroad. Pinduoduo's cross-border e-commerce business can eliminate the barriers between trade and logistics and connect the overseas demand side with China's domestic supply side, thus helping Chinese companies to cross the intermediate stage and reach overseas consumers directly.

The competitors of Pinduoduo include Alibaba Group (Chinese:阿里巴巴) and Inc (Chinese:京东).