Smart Glasses Manufacturer Qidi Harvests CNY 100 Million in Angle Round

Technology Author: Yanbing Gao Sep 13, 2022 03:29 PM (GMT+8)

Qidi, a high-tech company with smart glasses as its core products, completes an angel round of funding worth CNY 100million(USD 14.45million), led by Joy Capital.

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Qidi (Chinese:奇点临近), a smart glasses manufacturer, has announced the closing of an angel funding round worth CNY 100 million (USD 14.45 million) led by Joy Capital, followed by Matrix Partners and Meridian Capital. Winsoul Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor in this round, news portal reported.

Founded in 2021, Qidi is a technology innovation company that takes the 24/7 smart glasses as the core and aims at catering to the customers with its unique Vertical Integration Pattern. It focuses on creating a hands-free revolutionary user experience, which safeguards a trouble-free journey for the users.

Liu Erhai, the Managing Partner of Joy Capital, said, "Smart glasses are the next generation of computing platforms after personal computers and mobile phones. They have a broad prospect but face quite high technical difficulty." The industry is generally bullish on smart glasses, believing that they are expected to be widely used as the next generation of human-computer interaction centers and mobile terminals.

At present, smart glasses have been used in some industries. But its existing product weight and wearing comfort are still far from the requirements of the next generation of human-computer interaction centers. So there has been no real product appeared, a product revolution in smart glasses is needed.

An ideal smart glasses can be worn for a long time and have requirements for weight, comfort, battery life, heat dissipation and appearance design. Qidi aims to make glasses smart. More specifically, besides satisfying users' daily demand for wearing, it has been committed to making efforts in three basic attributes that users are most concerned about: wear frequency, universality and design. It also makes innovations in weight, range and wearing comfort.

Other players in this field include Magic Leap, Microsoft, Nreal, DPVR(Chinese:大朋VR) and ANTVR(Chinese:蚁视MIX).