NEV Maker Leapmotor Exposed to Rights Protection at Chongqing Auto Show

Automotive Author: Beibei Wei Editor: Xiangqun Ji Jun 28, 2022 03:41 PM (GMT+8)

Leapmotor encountered rights protection at the 2022 Chongqing Auto Show on June 25. It was accused of presenting a black screen on the new car, promising to return the car while regretting the company’s response.


Chinese EV maker Leapmotor (Chinese: 零跑汽车) encountered a situation of suspected car owners defending their rights at Chongqing's official booth. A female owner complained that her vehicle had experienced a black screen. After undergoing the repair process for half a month and having two important parts replaced, Leapmotor had allegedly promised her to return it but then backtracked.

"The problems regarding this incident have been properly resolved. User experience and delivery quality are of great significance to us. We will continue to maintain close communication with users," Leapmotor responded in this regard.

Leapmotor is a technology-based intelligent electric vehicle brand under Zhejiang Leapao Technology (Chinese: 浙江浙江零跑科技) and is recognized as a "new car-making force" with a year-on-year growth of more than 200% for 14 months consecutively.

Currently, it has launched S01, T03, C11 and C01 and other related models. It is expected that Leapmotor can become the fourth NEV automotive to be successfully listed in Hong Kong after NIO (Chinese: 蔚来汽车), Xpeng (Chinese: 小鹏汽车), and Li Auto (Chinese: 理想汽车).

In fact, after the introduction of Leapmotor's S01 model in May 2020, more than 200 car owners issued an open letter against Leapmotor. Due to the general manufacturing experience, it has repeatedly encountered issues including black screens, vehicle malfunctions (e.g. power system failure, Over-The-Air (OTA) functions), and consumers' complaints about delivery delays.