Healthcare Author: Fuller Wang, Yuanxi Ma Editor: Fuller Wang May 25, 2022 11:55 AM (GMT+8)

Aistarfish , an intelligent case management platform for tumors received its B2 round funding from 泰珑投资, BE-TOP Resources and 正和本源.

Medical health

The money will go toward hiring, product development, R&D, and business development. Aistarfish has received two rounds of funding in the same year, including this round.

Aistarfish was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing tumor patients with an affordable and comprehensive Disease Case Management service using the latest AI technology.

The company's services have reached over 30 provinces, and it has partnered with over 600 hospital departments. Approximately 100,000 patients have signed up to share and update their Cases on the platform.

Aistarish designed their platform around artificial intelligence and case managers to ensure that patients receive appropriate medical care at both hospital and home. With the establishment of the tumor patients database, the company can also provide theranostic solutions, clinical trial recruitment services, and out-of-hospital care to the government, pharmaceutical companies, and patients.

In the meantime, Aistarish continues to build a network to assist patients with their metal wellness, and they will continue to help tumor patients live longer and better, provide doctors with technical support, and investigate the use of technology in tumor treatment.