Healthcare Author: Manyu Zhang Editor: Yiru Qian May 18, 2022 11:06 AM (GMT+8)

The funds will be used to promote the development, clinical trials and commercialization of related core products.


Minimally invasive surgical robot developer Huger Medical Robotics releases that it has completed a Series A financing round in March 2022, bagging tens of millions of CNY from Puhua Capital and Oriental Jiafu. West Lake Venture Capital also took apart.

Founded in July 2020 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Huger Medical Robotics is committed to using innovative technologies to redefine the next generation of surgical robots for the future, as well as using robotics technology to empower, upgrade and transform traditional medical devices to meet the diverse needs of clinical practice and inclusive demand.

Huger Medical Robotics has completed the construction of three major product systems, namely, bendable instruments, instrumental holding robots and surgical robots; many of which have entered the stages of inspection, clinical and evidence collection. Meanwhile, the company has declared 30 patents, of which 12 patents have been authorized.

“Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery has become an inevitable trend in the development of surgery. The high-end surgical robot represented by Da Vinci is not in line with current China's national conditions due to its complexity and high cost,”said Feng Zailin, Chairman of Huger Medical Robotics.  

Xu Xiao, founder of Oriental Jiafu, stated that Huger Medical Robotics has a more cutting-edge product positioning, with unique advantages in areas such as surgery in confined spaces.

“Huger Medical Robotics has divided the R&D process of surgical robots into parts to perform more complex actions in a smaller visual field using multidimensional imaging. In response to different case situations, the company solves the pain points of high cost and high fees. We believe that the firm will bring new creative ideas to the surgical robot industry,”said Shen Qinhua, general manager of Puhua Capital.

“We adhere to the practical design concept for independent research and development of products, and strives for rapid iteration, verification and application of products,”added Huger Medical Robotics.

The domestic competitors of Huger Medical Robotics include TINAVI (688277:SH), WEGO (1066:HK), Yuanhuatech, HURWA and Xinjunte.