Technology Author: Sasha Chen May 11, 2022 09:59 PM (GMT+8)

Established in 1998, Hanvon technology (汉王科技) is a pioneer in China’s character recognition technology and intelligent interactive products. On May 10, the company has announced the launch of a new e-note device N10, featuring a 10.3-inch E ink display.

havon tech

As a company dedicated in producing portable electronic books, Hanvon Technology released a new N10 e-note device. The company has a handful of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the field of handwriting recognition, optical character recognition, and handwriting input. Some of the other giants, such as iReader and Huawei, are also engaging in China's e-note device market.  

In 2021, the global market size of paperless end products reached USD 11.3 billion, of which large-size e-paper tablet, including readers, office books, workbooks and other products, only accounts for 6.2% of the overall number of shipments of 13 million units.

This new device enables a wide variety of functions, allowing users to read electronic books and  take notes with a high definition ink screen simultaneously. The company announced that this launch will meet rising demand of paperless offices in China while offering the simplest and essential user experience.

In addition, this device comes with 6000 mAh battery that has a standby time of 120 days. The ever-lasting feature also benefits from the reduction of battery consumption when the device is in sleep mode. With Hanvon Technology's OCR recognition technology, this N10 e-note can accurately convert any PDF document or an image into editable texts. During notetaking, the handwritten recognition feature will come in handy as well.