Healthcare Author: Mianmian Wang May 11, 2022 05:07 PM (GMT+8)

Ashermed, the digital CRO focusing on postmarketing drugs, will better its one-stop platform for clinical use and expand the market with the proceeds.

digital CRO

Ashermed (Chinese: 艾莎医学) recently completed the Series B financing round worth over CNY 100 million. 

This round was led by Qiming Venture Partners (Chinese: 启明创投). Daohezhiyi (Chinese: 道禾志医), Score Capital (思科瑞新) and the existing shareholder Insight Capital (Chinese: 博行资本) also participated in this deal. MedBio Capital (Chinese: 劢柏资本) acted as its exclusive financial advisor. 

 The funding will be used for talent acquisition and market development to further improve the product iteration of its one-stop clinical service platform. 

Ashermed, founded in 2013, is a digital contract research organization (CRO) company that provides services including postmarketing clinical trial, knowledge marketing, patient management and technology development for domestic and overseas medical companies. It intergrates internet technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other technology to enable medical companies to shorten the drug development cycle, improve the quality of clinical data and reduce research and development costs.

Ashermed has extended its services to various areas of diseases such cancer, rare diseases, liver diseases, and blood diseases and has accomplished more than 400 research projects. 

During the pandemic, Ashermed participated in a number of COVID-19-related research projects led by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. It completed a series of clinical research tasks including all-process data collection, data assessment and statitical analysis utilizing its strength of remote clinical technology and digital technology. 

It also partnered with and established a one-stop new drug development and patient management platform for Amyotropyic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).