Technology, Healthcare, Financials May 27, 2022 07:44 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Shanghai Stock Exchange has issued the guidelines for the application of the review rules of Shanghai stock exchange for the issuance and listing of corporate bonds No. 6 - optimization review of well-known mature issuers. The guidelines for the optimization and audit of well-known mature issuers has standardized the recognition of well-known mature issuers and the optimization and audit measures, mainly including the following contents: first, improve the recognition standards of well-known mature issuers, simplify some recognition indicators, broaden the range of high-quality enterprises, and provide special support to enterprises with leading positions in key support industries. Second, enhance the support for the project review of well-known and mature issuers. In addition to retaining the existing facilitation measures such as rapid review of public offering, direct filing and issuance of private placement, consolidated declaration and preparation of issuance documents for multiple types of bonds, further simplify the requirements for document signing and financial report disclosure, so as to facilitate high-quality issuers to carry out bond financing. Third, set up a dynamic adjustment mechanism, dynamically match the audit mechanism according to the issuer's qualification changes, and encourage enterprises to actively explore their own advantages and make full use of institutional support.