May 20, 2022 02:35 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Zhonglun (Shenzhen) law firm, which issued a legal opinion to write the "interim shareholders' meeting" into a "dying shareholders' meeting", recently received a decision on administrative supervision measures, which once again aroused the attention of public opinion. According to the regulatory decision, there are at least three problems in the legal opinion issued by Zhonglun to the listed company and ertai, such as serious text errors, the preparation of verification and verification plan and submission to the quality control core afterwards, and the incomplete process of lawyers witnessing the convening of the general meeting of shareholders. The author believes that the biggest problem exposed by this incident is that if the lawyers hired by the listed company are unwilling to participate in a shareholders' meeting completely, and the legal opinions issued are not only seriously wrong in words, but also supplemented by materials and plans, how can we ensure that they are not only attached to the management in other securities affairs? Relevant intermediaries should take Zhonglun Institute as an example, strengthen self-discipline in the future, and establish correct professional values of serving all shareholders rather than management.