Technology Mar 09, 2022 10:41 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Shenliu micro intelligent technology recently announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan of PREA round financing. This round of financing is led by Xingwang investment's fund and followed by Zhuoyuan capital. The funds will be used for the microarchitecture design of core rendering pipeline of self-produced GPU chip and the basic research and development of GPU full stack software. Siroywe was founded in May 2021. Its headquarters and Research Institute are located in Shenzhen. It has R & D centers in Beijing and Nanjing. The company focuses on the design of domestic independent controllable GPU chips. Based on the computing architecture and software system of independent intellectual property rights, it provides graphics rendering, image processing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence High performance GPU chips and solutions with supercomputing and other functions. The core team of deep flow micro comes from the North American core R & D center of the world's top chip and software design enterprises such as NVIDIA, AMD, Intel and juniper network. On average, it has more than 20 years of development and iteration experience in top chip and basic software projects, and has profound technology accumulation and unique industry insight. Xiong Mingwang, founding partner of Xingwang investment, said: I'm glad to help shenliu micro accelerate the pace of original research of domestic GPU. The deep flow micro team has the full stack capabilities of GPU chip architecture, front-end and back-end design, GPU parallel programming compiler, Linux kernel, KMD, UMD, application algorithm and system implementation, which are scarce in the industry. In the context of multiple applications such as 5g, AI, autopilot and metauniverse, we are optimistic about the technical originality of the team