Healthcare Jan 13, 2022 10:31 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiouda health on January 13, another national innovative product micro "high intelligence" q300 series neurosurgical robot independently developed and produced by Huake precision has recently been approved by the nmpa of the State Food and drug administration. Huake precision micro "high intelligence" q300 series neurosurgical robot system is a new series of microsurgical robot products with high intelligence, high accuracy and high convenience. It has the world's smallest volume and lightest weight (only 1.4kg). It will fully cover from large tertiary hospitals to grass-roots hospitals, and can perform all kinds of intracerebral hemorrhage Brain tumor biopsy and related emergency surgery are expected to greatly expand the application of neurosurgical robotic surgery. This series of surgical robot system is independently developed by Huake precision in conjunction with Tsinghua University and several hospitals. Its robot positioning module does not need a traditional large mechanical arm. It is completely independently developed and breaks through the import "neck" restriction for the first time in China, greatly reducing the risk of technology import and realizing the independent control of key components in the surgical robot. Its surgical navigation module technology comes from the 2018 national key R & D plan project of the Ministry of science and technology. The high-end version of q300pro can replace the imported high-precision navigation system and increase the function of fast stereotactic robot, while the portable version of q300lite can replace the positioning head frame of grass-roots hospitals at low cost and give more intelligent surgical navigation function.