Automotive Jan 12, 2022 01:53 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On January 12, yiou auto news, black sesame intelligence, the global leader of automatic driving computing chips, announced that it had obtained the strategic investment of Boyuan capital under Bosch. Therefore, black sesame intelligence will deepen comprehensive cooperation with Bosch in the field of automatic driving, jointly create intelligent driving solutions, and further promote the commercialization of automatic driving. Previously, Bosch has invested in key enterprises in the value chain of China's automatic driving industry, including software platform supplier momenta, laser radar manufacturer Hesai technology, automatic driving solution provider Yushi technology, mainline technology, etc. Black sesame intelligence has become the first autopilot chip enterprise invested in China. This investment has improved Bosch's layout in the autopilot industry chain. For black sesame intelligence, this also reflects the multiple recognition from the market, industry and capital.