Automotive Dec 24, 2021 02:43 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 24, at the "live open season" of Raytheon hi · x hybrid technology, Xingyue l Raytheon hi · x one tank oil challenge 1300km super long endurance challenge officially ended at Geely Yiwu power base. In this challenge activity, the new car ran a maximum of 1426.1km out of a tank of oil and a minimum fuel consumption of 3.9l per hundred kilometers. On December 22-24, Geely Automobile opened the new Raytheon power DHT smart micron factory for the first time. Explore the production process of its 3-gear hybrid electric drive DHT pro in the form of cloud release. The new factory has invested billions of yuan and the automation level has exceeded 70%. The first phase plans to produce 300000 transmissions per year. The vacuum quenching process of the plant adopts French ECM vacuum furnace for heat treatment. Through 11 special vacuum quenching furnaces, carbon atoms are infiltrated at a high temperature of 960 ℃ and then quenched with highly pure 20bar high-pressure helium. Under the condition of ensuring that the surface hardness reaches 60HRC, the core hardness is controlled at 33hrc and the depth fluctuation of hardened layer is controlled within ± 0.1mm, The shape deformation of the gear is less than 8 microns. Hobbing honing process can reduce the tooth surface roughness from Ra0 4 to Ra0 25. The depth of surface machining trace is less than 2 microns to improve the NVH in the meshing process. At the same time, 1 micron journal smoothness, 0-5 micron compensation accuracy, 0.3 micron ultra-high precision CMM and other processes. The new factory has more than 100 detection steps and 685 step-by-step parameters, realizing 100% automatic detection.
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