Automotive Sep 28, 2021 09:49 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Liufen technology, a GNSS high-precision positioning service provider, successfully obtained the level certification certificate of automotive spice L2 (aspire L2) issued by the well-known German testing and certification organization VDA-QMC. This means that the high-precision positioning service capability of Liufen technology has reached the global vehicle regulation level safety and reliability standard, and the quality control process has reached the international level. Automotive spice is a software evaluation and improvement model for the automotive industry and a global industry standard for automotive software development. Its purpose is to guide the software development process of automotive parts manufacturers, ensure the quality and continuous optimization of the development process, and ensure the quality of the final delivered products. At present, aspire has become the access standard for automotive supply chains such as mainstream OEM manufacturers and tier 1 system providers in the automotive industry at home and abroad. As a leading high-precision positioning service provider in China, the high-precision positioning service of Liufen technology can help the intelligent driving vehicle accurately judge the current position in a short time and improve the vehicle's overall understanding of the environment. It is an essential key link of intelligent driving. With the accuracy of the service and the professionalism of the quality system, Liufen technology can provide strong support for the safety and compliance implementation of intelligent driving vehicle mass production projects of vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad. At present, Liufen technology has provided high-precision positioning services for many OEM mass production projects.