Technology Jul 12, 2021 09:57 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Qiyuan world, a general artificial intelligence company, announced the completion of round a financing of 300 million yuan, which was led by GGV Jiyuan capital, followed by Jiayu fund, and continuously raised by old shareholders such as Gaorong capital and Lilis game. This is the third time that Qiyuan world has been invested by a well-known investment institution since its establishment in August 2017. This round of financing will focus on basic technology innovation of artificial intelligence, upgrading of core products, introduction of high-end talents, and market expansion of digital entertainment and intelligent decision-making business. Qiyuan world is a leading artificial intelligence platform company, which is committed to creating great agent products, bringing agents into every industry, every family and everyone, and improving industrial efficiency and life experience. The company has deep learning, reinforcement learning, cloud computing and other core technologies and innovation capabilities, and has won the world-class AI competition champion for many times. Just in June 2020, the AI agent independently developed by Qiyuan world defeated the Chinese Star Professional champion 2:0 in the "StarCraft II" man-machine war, which broke the highest record of man-machine confrontation. Yue bin, founding partner of Gaorong capital, said: "general artificial intelligence is the Pearl in the crown of AI. Today, intelligent decision-making technology has been widely used in the virtual world. In the future, we expect this technology to leap from virtual to reality, help industrial upgrading, and bring more benefits to people's lives. We hope that Qiyuan world will make a greater breakthrough on the road to general artificial intelligence. "